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Those of you who have experienced disasters have witnessed the way in which neighbours naturally come together to help one another.

The Piney Emergency Assistance Team (PEAT) in Woodridge is a group of your neighbours who have volunteered to help, through information and coordination, make sure you and your family are prepared in the likely event of another natural disaster or severe weather.  In our region this could include forest fires, ice storms, overland flooding, hazardous material spill in a derailment, wind storms, blizzards and/or power outages.


It is not a matter of ‘if’ we will experience a natural disaster or severe weather but ‘when’.


Take time to read through the 72 Hours Emergency Preparedness Guide and CREATE AN EMERGENCY PLAN.


Contacts for the P.E.A.T. in Woodridge are:

Ken & Rachel Lachnit

Ph: 204-429-2090

Cory Jackson

Ph: 204-429-2323

Stan Letkeman

Ph: 204-429-2253


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