Birds of a Feather

NOTE:  The July 13th 'Building a Birdhouse'  and the August 17th "Building a Bird Feeder" have been cancelled and will be rescheduled for a later date this Fall 2022.

Have you ever wondered which bird species it is, that is frolicking in your yard, on a trail or in the forest?  If you are a budding birder, a nature lover, outdoor enthusiast (or all three), this series of workshops will introduce you to the ‘World of Birding’.

Birds of a Feather, Flock Together is a hands-on, fun, educational series of five (5) different workshops that will help you discover the wonderful nature resource right out our front doors.  For a full description of the workshops, please click here for the information flyer.  To register for any or all of the workshops, complete the online registration form or click here to download the registration form.  There are detailed instructions on the form.

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